Arisaig Shellfish Shack

Taking the HELL
out of sHELLfish

We all love eating it, but sourcing, cooking and preparing shellfish can be time consuming, finicky and overwhelming.


Shellfish lovers rejoice because Arisaig Shellfish Shack has got your back! We do all the hard work so you can simply grab the freshest, locally landed shellfish and go and enjoy it amidst Arisaig’s epic land & seascape.

🎄Christmas Eve 🎄

We’ll be open on Christmas Eve for pre-orders only.  We’ll also be delivering to Fort William at 2pm. Please get in touch to order your shellfish platter.

Opening hours

Friday: 10am – 4pm (delivery to Fort William at 5.30pm)

Saturday:  12pm – 3pm

Sunday:  12pm – 3pm

The Shack will close for the season on Sunday 8th October 2023 and re-open on Friday 3rd May 2024.

To say hello or pre-order please contact us on: 07504 332797 or

What we do

Ludicrously lovely lunches.  Sensational shellfish platters.  Whole cooked shellfish.  Delicious Arisaig Bread Shed bread.  Belly busting BellaBoo brownies! 

Sensational suppliers

You can rest assured that you are eating shellfish that has been sustainably and ethically caught and landed right here in Arisaig or Mallaig. 

The Shack story

When Paula & Claire’s side hustles kept colliding, they quickly realised that most of their clients wanted the same thing – LOCAL SHELLFISH!

Some of our favourites

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