Arisaig Shellfish Shack

We’re pretty much obsessed with the shellfish that thrives in the sparkling waters off Arisaig.  It is therefore our promise that when you’re eating at Arisaig Shellfish Shack, you can rest assured that you are eating shellfish that has been sustainably and ethically fished and landed right here in Arisaig or Mallaig. 

Petra B

The Petra B is a particularly special boat to the Shack team because the boat is named after Paula’s oldest daughter and skippered by Petra’s father, Jamie Baillie. Jamie, together with Ross Martin of Daimh Music, creel catch our brown crabs and land in Arisaig most days.

The Traveller

The Traveller is skippered by Nick Foster (some of you might remember his fisherman father Rob).  Nick moors his boat next to Petra B at Camus an Tallen and keeps us stocked up with creel caught langoustines, squat lobsters and fresh mackerel (for our only non-shellfish fish dish!).

Ian Mackinnon

Loch nan Uamh is not just famed for the evacuation of a certain Bonnie Prince Charlie; it’s also home to the most plump and delicious mussels known to mankind!  Ian Mackinnon rope grows his mussels in the most sustainable of ways in the crystal clear waters of Loch nan Uamh.  Ian also sells us his brilliant Brown Crabs!

The Heather Belle

The Heather Belle is skippered by Sandy Mathers who creel catches our lobsters off the Small Isles.  The boat is moored on the Isle of Muck (10 miles west of Arisaig), but the lobsters are landed in Mallaig for us to collect each week.

The Caralisa

The Caralisa lands our ginormous langoustines over in Mallaig most days and it’s a real family affair for these guys.  The boat is skippered by Aaron and Ewan Maclean and once landed, the catch is weighed and delivered to local restaurants (and the Shack) by parents Willie-John and Alison.

Arisaig Bread Shed

Chris & Audrey Bradford of Arisaig Bread Shed bake the most delicious bread, which has been specially formulated to be the perfect carby companion for our crustaceans!

Baked daily and delivered to the Shack every morning, we sell Arisaig Bread Shed sourdough baguettes, sea salt focaccia and a delightful array of sweet and savoury pastries.

Our sandwich bread was designed to compliment the shellfish fillings.

BellaBoo Bakes

Every great sandwich should be followed up with an equally great cake! Sophie Kingswood at BellaBoo Bakes is our cake baker of choice with her super tasty brownies, cupcakes and tray bakes.

Other suppliers

We also stock lots of exciting sea-themed Scottish products such as seaweed crisps and pesto from Shore Seaweed; spicy chutney & hot sauce from the Mull Seaweed Company; salt from Skye Sea Salt Co; Seaweed IPA from the Cuillen Brewery and the ultimate pirate juice Grey Dog Rum from Morar.

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